Why Online Schedulers Are A Boon For New Parents?

Today’s consumers are extremely tech-savvy without any doubt and even before arriving at a doctor’s chamber, clinic or hospital, they expect patient-centric care from their healthcare facility. The process begins when a patient starts surfing the web to check out ratings and reviews of a healthcare provider. However, till recently, options for online scheduling of appointments were quite less in number.

Why healthcare systems find the necessity to integrate online scheduling and access control system ?

Today’s customers are impatient, to put it mildly, and many millennial are not even fond of picking up their phones. In order to meet the growing demands of their customers, today have realized the importance of a good online scheduling system and have started entering into partnerships with a number of online scheduling services. This is indeed a big blessing for both the providers and patients since patients will have to wait for a shorter time down while the former can improve their patient satisfaction and efficiency.

Latest developments on online scheduling

However, this practice is yet to be widespread. According to a report by Accenture, the year 2016 saw self-scheduling of just 1/5th of the total appointments but that was an improvement of over 9 percent in 2015. Additionally, it appears that some healthcare providers may not be focusing on waiting times. According to a survey conducted in the offices of physicians by Meritt Hawkins in 15 top cities, a new patient has to wait, an average of about 24 days. This has gone up 30 percent since 2014.

But things may change for the better very soon. Today’s consumers have an expectation from their healthcare providers on factors such as convenience and simplicity like they get from various other sectors.

Meanwhile, Accenture has predicted that by the year 2019. The U.S. Health systems will witness about 64 percent of its patients opting for digital scheduling of their appointments. The consulting firm has also predicted that the top one hundred health systems in the United States will go for digital of online self-scheduling.

The good news is that for a few health systems, this has already become a reality. An online scheduling service provider called ZocDoc that was set up in 2007, caters to a whopping six million patients. Healthcare providers need to pay a specific subscription fee to ZocDoc to get listed on the site. The service then synchronizes the site with its practice management software to find whether an appointment is available or not. There are some scenarios where the software even notes gown the appointment details directly into its calendars, Online scheduling can give access to physicians from a number of healthcare systems do customer loyalty could take a backseat. To counter this problem, many healthcare services are hosting their own online scheduling system rather than tying up with a third party site.

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