What to Know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in Singapore

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is one of the business management tools and solutions that assists different companies in connecting their services, finances, sales and operations to business processes. The process helps in improving interaction with target audience so decisions could be taken for an increase in the overall profitability of the company.

With the help of the system, many systems can be joined together in one, single application which eases the business processes. The tasks are automated, which helps in saving time overall.

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business in Singapore

With the buzz in the market about Microsoft Dynamics which started as early as in 2017, Singapore is slightly behind its introduction period. The business solution started as late as in 2018 Oct and further adoption by certain companies took more time. It is being offered as a cloud solution in the form of Dynamic NAV, i.e., Navision. It is considered to be single, yet more business like solution for companies operating in more than one domain, like sales, operations, finance as well as customer services.

For small and medium enterprises working in Singapore, 365 business solution is like an upgradation, which is an opportunity to move up from the basic level software pertaining to accounting or any obsolete and outdated Enterprise Resource Solutions. With the help of the system, small and medium enterprises are able to increase their profitability by boosting future growth, managing processes and improve relationship with customers.

Companies operating in Singapore are also able to integrate their central businesses with the cloud-based systems services of Microsoft, which is Office 365. Apart from that, further extension with other solutions offered by Microsoft is also possible. Some known of which are Microsoft Flow, business Intelligence and PowerApps, which ultimately gives good return to the money spent.

How Businesses benefit through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

So, with the adoption of Microsoft Dynamics, businesses can:

  • Overall views of the businesses are improved with the complete solution of Microsoft Intelligent Technology. it is also due to business analytics and connected data provided with the Microsoft dynamics.
  • With the help of AppSource, adoption and growth with real time business functionality is pretty possible. New users find it easy to start and grow along with the overall growth of the company.
  • Business are also able to increase their sales by staying connected with automated workflows and tasks. They also work in close collaboration with other interfaces like Excel, Word and Outlook.

The Known Versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution:

Normally the Business dynamics by Microsoft comes in two different versions, which are:

  • The one with Business Central Premium: which covers almost everything including Manufacturing and Service Order. It also includes NAV Dynamics, which is an extended Pack 2018.
  • The other Business Central Essentials: it includes the basic functions, which also has the starter pack of 2018 Business Dynamics by Microsoft 2018.


Different Business Solutions available in Singapore:

There are a number of companies working in Singapore providing dynamic business solutions in the forms below:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics 365
  2. Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  3. Microsoft Dynamics AX
  4. Microsoft Power BI
  5. Microsoft 365 Business Central
  6. Microsoft SharePoint

Based upon the usability and the business prospect, recommendations to businesses are provided accordingly.