What is ANPR?

One of the latest commercial technologies that have gained popularity in the automobile and security industry is Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). This technology is a surveillance camera with optical character recognition system, which can detect and capture licence plates of any vehicle hitting the roads.

How does ANPR work?

ANPR cameras are installed at all key locations around the city together with a central access control system . When a vehicle is under suspicion or breaks light or is under scanner, the ANPR camera records the licence plate number and cross checks it with the police database. If the suspicion results in the vehicle carrying anything harmful or dangerous, it can be intercepted immediately, reducing the time for the suspect to make an escape.

Why is there a need for ANPR?

a) Enforcement cameras

With the increasing number of road accidents, car pile ups, road rage incidents and car robberies taking place, there is a need for a system that enables the police to catch hold of a criminal, culprit or even rescue a victim caught in the crossfire.

Another factor is that it can be used as evidence against the suspect. If a check on the vehicle spotted and intercepted by the police results in case history against the suspect, the police can also tie all the loose ends and put the suspect behind bars for good.

b) Monitoring cameras

On a daily basis, the police can monitor traffic effectively. For example, if a vehicle is parked incorrectly and is causing a traffic jam, then the police will match the licence plate and contact the owner immediately.

In cases of traffic violations such as running the red light or speeding, the police can detain the offender by getting the licence plate number from the ANPR camera. It enables the police to coordinate traffic effectively.

What are the benefits of ANPR?

a) In the long run, it will help reduce the crime rate of the city, especially those related to crime chasing and car thefts as the police are more in control of the roadways.

b) There will be efficient surveillance and coordinated monitoring system so that the roads are free of traffic jams or car piles.

c) The time from when a suspected criminal is spotted in a vehicle trying to escape, to the time the criminal is chased down and arrested, will reduce drastically.

d) There will be a record of every car through the ANPR camera, and as a result of which, the police will have an updated database.

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More information on ANPR technology can also be found here on wikipedia.

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