Top Trends in technology

Technological invasions:

Technology has invaded all aspects of the human life. With Internet of Things (IoT) being on the top of everyone’s list, we shall soon be connected and singing in one technological harmony. All researches are surrounded around the development of IoT. However, it is not possible to completely use IoT as it is still not in the usable form. Over the past few years there has been increased development around the concept of a smart hub, which is nothing but one wireless router with extra communication technologies. There has been an increased production of wireless technologies.

Technology has invaded the commercial sector as well. Prominent sectors like real estate, financial services, transportation, hospitality, healthcare and retail are profoundly affected by technological invasions. Here are some ways in which technology has affected the work space:

Innovative cloud-based system of storing data

A rise in communicating software like Skype and GoToMeeting

Use of advanced enterprise software like OneDrive or Microsoft SharePoint

Better network coverage and decreased prices of internet connections

A robust online market such as Upwork and Behance, where you can RSVP now for online work assignments

With such technological invasions the dynamics of work has changed completely.

Top technological trends of the day:

Automation and artificial intelligence has been the two major concepts of technological advancements that have set the technological trends in the past few years. On the business side, more and more work will be automated. The areas that have already been automated like customer service will improve in the coming years.

Here are some technological trends that have been noticed in the commercial sector:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning (ML) are composed of many types of technologies. The more advanced the technology, the more complex will be the algorithm.

Virtual Reality: immersive technologies in the form of virtual reality and augmented reality is gradually changing the way individuals are interacting with one another and with the machine.

Intelligent Apps: Intelligent apps, like VPA, act as human assistants and make everyday tasks much easier.

Cutting age technologies like the iris recognition system help further enhance existing commercial security technology in todays world.

In fact such technology is no longer a stranger to this world and its increasing being used for security purposes with the government being the early adopters. 

Intelligent Things: intelligent things are physical components that go beyond the execution of complex programming models to deliver advanced behaviour and better interaction.

Blockchain: this is a type of distributed ledger in which value exchange transactions (in bitcoin) are grouped in blocks.

Conversational Systems: currently there is a great focus on conversational interface based on chatbots and microphone enabled devices.

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