Do You Know About This New ‘NO Queue Required’ – Software?

Known as ‘Queue management software’, this software streamlines queueing procedures by using an electronic tracker on a mobile app. With this mobile app, one just simply registers and can attend to other matters while the queue system runs down the queue for those ahead of him. And when it is about time for his turn, a reminder can be set to notify the user.

This is especially useful in hospitals, especially for prospective patients going to the Emergency Ward. Imagine if there were just a simple manual crowd control for a sudden increase in patient numbers to a hospital. Not only would patients and their loved ones be agitated and try to ‘cut’ the queue, but unnecessary delays will affect a patient’s survival chances.

One company that is at the forefront of this technology is ATT Systems, and they are renowned in the industry for their Queue Management System in hospital waiting rooms. Their software is also compatible with third-party software, and this flexibility allows for a wide range of integration.

What does it do? – It is a tailor-made software customized especially for every company or institution. This software delivers a seamless and smooth functioning leading to improved profits and customer satisfaction. Also, this system enables the system to integrate with future technology. There is no physical queue required for a queue.The system now manages and controls the queues, and customers are in this queue anywhere and doing anything besides waiting.

How to use this? – No worries! This software is designed to be user-friendly. It can integrate uniformly most third-party software.

Now, all the necessary solutions to deal a particular queue problem are customized in the form of an app or website and are ready to go after some simple customisation. In an app form, it can be used with a simple registration and can be managed to form an e-queue.

Since its introduction, this system has become a buzz in many countries for various industries and service sectors like institutions, hospitals and banks, due to its simple to use nature and the efficiency it brings.

How simple is it? – Let the business be of any sector, this software has always had a scope of personalizing and customizing to meet the business requirements. Satisfaction levels are very high for customers and clients who have used this, because it can always be upgraded as per the constantly evolving technology, which means no strain in building it up. The best gift one can give their customers is giving them a happy experience, and chances are waiting in long queues might be one that vertical that needs to be taken care. No tumult in respect to software integration.

Real-time examples
One place the software has been used is in hospitals, where prospective patients wait for an appointment with the doctor. When there is large volume at the hospital, having to wait with many other people can become a bad experience. Worse is if kids are around, and younger patients’ conditions may worsen.

With the app, an appointment can be scheduled according to the doctor’s working hours in that hospital. This offers much clarity and better communication.

Queue ‘hacks’ are also prevented as there is only one queue order which is that registered in the system. That way, unhappiness from queue ‘jumps’ is removed.

In conclusion, when modern systems are used well in time-sensitive places such as hospitals, it can bring benefits in terms of shorter waiting times, and an efficient allocation of resources to the demands of patients. However, this system is not meant to solve undersupply issues if there are too little doctors to patients. In such cases, governments would still need to solve these problems, and there is only so much that smart systems can do.

One possibility could be to self-medicate, and not having to visit the hospital for every ailment. This will help hospitals a lot and reduce wait times for people who need it more.

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