A Complete Review of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A large-scale business hub such as that of Singapore require the use of modern age information technology that simplifies and organizes huge business transactions from all around the world. Singapore takes organization very seriously and hence has opted over time to acquire better tools to help streamline all its marketing processes. The country encourages more set ups of multinational organizations because very simply it is business revenue dependent. The stakes are high and so is its position in the business market that it requires to maintain at all costs.

Microsoft launched this business software in the mid of 2019 by the name of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the launch has been met with undeniable popularity. It is not very costly and so has been the choice of many users. The software integrates two huge independent systems namely, CRM (Customer Resource Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) into one mega software that not only assimilates people, but work flow and products as well. As the use became more common however, a few glitches arose with it. Following is a detailed analysis of the pros and cons of using Dynamics 365.


  • Microsoft Dynamics comes with ease of use which means that not only is it user friendly but adheres to your requirements easily.
  • Integration with other Microsoft systems is incredibly uniform and easy.
  • Even a non-programming individual can easily tackle doing re doing and adjustment within the system.
  • Broader communication and FAQ’s with customers has optimized the support received at their ends.
  • In a scenario where orders are to be made without internet access, the systems save all the changes and uploads them once a connection is established. It does not lose the data.
  • The portability allows reviewing any or all information just before meeting a client or retrieves any information in seconds when it’s required.
  • The CRM incorporates within itself all relevant data about the customer, forecasts requirements and keeps related information about any last visits.
  • It can work on your portable device with any Windows, iOS or Android application.


  • The system is reported to glitch whenever a newer update is incorporated.
  • Before the software can run for your business type, it requires tremendously tedious amount of customization.
  • The software requires a better user-oriented menu that provides easier accessibility without a jumble of many windows and tabs.
  • In almost every bulky issue, the software is reported to break which can user a lot of frustration especially when an important commute is going on with the client.
  • Since Microsoft Dynamics 365 is cloud based so it requires a strong web to support it. Hence, speedy web is a necessity.

It can be seen that overall the pros certainly outweigh the cons and therefore, the various uses of the software cannot be denied. Microsoft is known for trouble shooting all areas of need and keeping up with customer satisfaction and need. It’s only been a while for Dynamics 365 to have been around and there’s ample time for Microsoft to come up with better solutions to overcome these small problems and provide with an updated version of this contemporary convenience.