Types of innovative services

ICT is the abbreviation for Information and Communications Technology – the information technology that stresses on combination of communication software with middleware and enterprise software that enable users to store data and also access and transmit it as ease. With such open access, users can also manipulate data as per their choice. The convergence between audio-visual and telephone networks with computer networks is referred to as ICT. The concept of ICT is constantly evolving with new technological interventions. The phrase Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has been used by academic scholars since the 1980s.

The ICT sector has seen relentless changes ever since its inception. Companies who deal in ICT are constantly facing the challenge to innovative to not only understand the change but also to give shape to evolving technologies. Many tech companies come up with a disruptive intervention in the technological sphere setting a whole new trend in the market.

ICT Services:

ICT services or ICT management caters to various needs and is therefore categorised into four categories based on their business needs.

Knowledge Area: ICT requires certain domain knowledge and skill set that can be identified easily. These skills may not be always written in black and white but are easily discernible. The ICT department can be very demarcated by the knowledge base.

Support Area: the ICT team provides a huge support system by helping with the internal operations of a firm. A well-managed support system is driven by the business. The ICT operations are run independently with no dependence on the business.

Management area: the management function plays along with the business and tends to drive the competitiveness of the business. The development process is driven through this process.

Business area: it infrastructure services also known as the business function is played by ICT by offering the companys products and services to derive income out of it, that is, derive revenue out of it.

Some products of ICT are:

Point-of-sale terminals and ATMs

Personal digital assistants

Inkjet printers used with data processing machines

Removable media storage units

Burglar or fire alarms

Video game consoles

Radio broadcast receivers

Operating systems

Network software

Licensing services for the right to use computer software

Application software downloads

On-line software

IT design and development services for networks and systems

Application service provisioning

Mobile telecommunications services

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