Why Cybersecurity Is Evolving Along With The Growth In It Infrastructure Services In Singapore


Last year, Singapore faced over 1 million cyberattacks and this year it was no different. The growing number of cyberattacks has forced IT and government organizations to beef up their security measures.

One of worst cyberattacks of this year happened in October when StarHub’s Domain Name Servers (DNS) went down following an attack. Another larger attack was made on the Internet infrastructure company Dyn, which stopped access to internet services like Twitter and PayPal.

It is becoming harder for cybersecurity to keep up with the current IT infrastructure services in Singapore and the IT services are growing further. It has prompted the cybersecurity companies to strengthen their security measures through new approaches.

A new approach to cybersecurity

The first approach includes Internet surfing separation. It is also known as “air gapping” and involves the disconnection of some critical network systems from the Internet. However, this option is not feasible to many organizations due to the inconvenience and charges involved. IT companies hold a lot of important information and some of them are passed through their services. If important information gets leaked to cyber criminals, the IT company has to face the heat.

The Singapore government has already finished their evaluation on the risks and threats that companies face and has urged individual companies to make their own assessments. The Government suggests that Internet surfing separation be applied to the security measures of most of the companies. But then again, every company might not have the same risk or threat. It is therefore important that companies make their own evaluation to determine whether the risk and threat posed to them are important or not.

The second approach is that of setting up cyber-ranges, which are part laboratory, part digital battleground and part training centers. In cyber-ranges, various cyberattacks will be re-enacted and the patterns will be studied. By using this approach, organizations will be able to understand how good their cybersecurity systems are. If the security system fails to perform well against the attacks, it will be clear that there are certain weaknesses and those need to be checked. The approach also allows people to understand what they need to do in the event of a cyberattack.

The approach is more of a preventive mechanism against cyberattacks. It is a progressive approach to cybersecurity and will help IT infrastructure services in Singapore manage their securities in a better way.

Why go for data centre services?

There was a time when servers were stored in large air-conditioned server rooms and required frequent monitoring. Offices had to make provisions for backups and disaster recovery, foreseeing any mishaps or crashes. But, now, with the advancement in technologies and improved IT infrastructure services in Singapore, server rooms have become a thing of the past. Now, most people rely on data centres for their servers, where they can be monitored and managed in a professional manner.

Companies no longer want to take the pains of managing data and servers on their own. With world-class data centre services available at reasonable costs, outsourcing the data hosting is the most sought-after solution. Given below are some of the reasons that can drive one towards data centre services:

Stable and secure

A data centre will provide stability and security to your data and services. With 99.9% uptime always, the businesses will never suffer from bandwidth issues, crashes or downtime. With professionally managed services, one will not have to worry about hiring a dedicated staff for taking backups and for doing server administration.

Cheaper solution

When compared to the cost involved in creating a separate server room, which will include air conditioning, wiring and dedicated IT staff, the cost of the data centre is much less. Also, depending upon the growth of the business, the equipment can be expanded without having to expand the facilities. With a reduction in overheads, the business can divert the capital to other crucial operations.

Dedicated power supply and internet connectivity

Data centres have powerful electrical backup systems, which can cater to the needs of all the servers housed in there. So, even when there are power outages, the servers will not go down and there will be no threat to the data getting corrupted. Also, with professional anti-virus solutions, firewalls and other security features, the data will be completely safeguarded at all times.

Authorized access

As with any high-security vault, the data centres also have the latest access control systems. With this, all unauthorized access to the server rooms and servers can be monitored. Without having to incur the costs of high security features, the businesses can reap the benefits of data security and protection.

These are just some of the reasons for businesses to opt for data centre services, when looking for IT infrastructure services in Singapore. Outsourcing the data hosting can save the companies a lot of time, efforts and money, which can be better utilized elsewhere.